Boating Lunch: Tunafish Sandwich

Pike. The fish you either love or hate and the fish everyone loves to hate. In some states, there’s even a bounty offered for them. A top predator equipped with a mouthful of teeth and slimy, smelly elongated bodies designed to for quick and explosive strikes. As angler you are either repulsed by this invasive, non-native species or intrigued by them. Though I have yet to catch one of any stature, I am the latter. These aggressive, hard fighting fish are mysterious to me and I’m anxiously awaiting I feel that “pike bite” on the end of my line.  

Love it or hate it — The Tunafish Sandwich. Maybe you have a thing about canned tuna or maybe you have nightmares of being forced mayo slathered tuna on wonder white bread—an American childhood staple after all. But it only seemed fitting that while on the hunt for Pike, I’d pack a lunch that’s either loved or hated just as much as pike themselves. With some added sophistication to recipe–it just might entice any Tuna Sandwich naysayer.

Photo: Dave Reilly

Photo: Dave Reilly


Chipotle Tuna Salad Sandwich


  • Chunked Albacore Canned Tuna (chunked is most important here, by far the best consistency)

  • Cherry Tomatoes

  • Bell Pepper

  • Avocado

  • White Onion

  • Really great bread— We used Rudis Gluten Free, if GF isn’t important to you go for a croissant

 On the boat

1.     Chop tomatoes, bell pepper and onion into bite sized pieces and mix together in a bowl or Tupperware

2.     Drain canned Tuna into sink and add to bowl and mix everything together

3.     Drizzle chipotle sauce to taste, place in cooler

4.     Save avocados till right before you are ready to eat to avoid browning

5.     Scoop mixture onto bread slices, top with sliced avocado and enjoy

 Chipotle sauce


  •  Plain yogurt

  • Chipotles with seeds removed

  • Garlic

  • Lime juice

  • Salt

At home

 1.     Combine all ingredients into a blender, mix until creamy

2.     Refrigerate for an hour or longer to thicken

Photo: Dave Reilly

Photo: Dave Reilly